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2615 Andrew Dr.
Fairfield, IL 62387
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Mailing Address

PO Box 414
Fairfield, IL 62837

Hours of Operation

Tuesday: 1pm-5pm
Wednesday: 10am-5pm
Thursday: 10am-5pm

If you are unable to make it during our regular hours, we offer free pregnancy tests after hours. Please call to schedule an appointment
Fill out my online form.

*Compassion Pregnancy Center does not perform or refer for abortion.

If you would like to make an appointment to visit our center or to find out more about other pregnancy centers inyour area, please email us. For your protection, we strongly discourage you from sharing personal details aboutyour situation over the Internet. When you visit this or another pregnancy center, a peer counselor will be availableto personally discuss your situation in a confidential setting.

In granting us permission to reply to your email, please consider the confidentiality of any reply that you may receive. If you are giving us permission to make a phone call, will there by anyone else who may be present to receive the phone call? Does anyone else have access to your email? If there are special confidentiality concerns we need to be aware of in responding, please spell them out so we may be sensitive to your needs.